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Pastry Arts Magazine Featuring Better Boba

Pastry Arts Magazine

Check out the full issue of Pastry Arts Magazine here, as well as a snippet of our feature below:

Better Boba Featured in October’s Pastry Arts Magazine

Better Boba is thrilled to have been featured alongside Cup & Cone in the October 2023 edition of Pastry Arts & Magazine! In this insightful interview, Better Boba co-founder Allison Sodha dives headfirst into the experience of a small-business owner crafting both specialty desserts and appealing content for customers. At the intersection of classic and modern, Better Boba strives to provide our customers with not just delicious boba, but flavorful visual storytelling to whet your appetite and draw you into the wonderful world of Better Boba every step of the way. For boba enthusiasts and pastry aficionados alike, ready up your sweet tooth and take a sip at the heart of Better Boba.


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