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All-natural boba, sustainably produced in Portland, Oregon USA!

Better Boba FAQ’s

all natural fresh brown sugar boba pearls drying on racks

The better boba FAQ page is the perfect place to learn about our all natural boba. As producers of all-natural boba pearls, we understand the curiosiTEA from consumers. Why natural? How is it prepared? And what makes it better?

Let’s answer your common questions about boba!

Why a natural boba?

Our quest for a more natural boba started as parents and shop owners – to offer simple, healthier ingredients compared to most pearls sourced for food service and retail operations in the states. This started a journey across the globe to understand boba production.

Our research abroad highlighted that most boba does not mirror the natural, artisanal boba available in Taiwan. As global demand increases, simple ingredients are being replaced with preservatives and additives, limiting our ability to source quality packaged products. 

Back in Portland, and determined to serve a natural boba at our shop, we spent 8+ months testing recipes until the pearls were ready to launch. The overwhelmingly positive feedback inspired us to form a global team and start packaging an all-natural boba.

How is better boba prepared?

Instant Pot or on a stovetop. The stovetop takes around 40 min + 25 min rest while the Instant Pot is 22 min + 10 min natural release. 

After you cook the boba, how do you store it?

You can either enjoy the boba in its “natural” state or soak it in a brown sugar syrup, maple syrup, fruit juice, or other sweetener. (If it soaks, it won’t congeal.) It can soak at room temperature during the day but then refrigerate overnight. Reheat for 5-10 seconds. For the best flavor, we recommend enjoying your boba the same day as it’s prepared.

Can you make an instant version instead?

Our team of boba scientists have been trying to create an instant all-natural boba pearl. There are definitely instant options on the market, but they contain preservatives that allow the pearls to be heated quickly. With your support, we will continue to create and innovate in the boba industry!

One bag makes how many servings?

One bag makes 12 (2 tablespoon) servings. 

Is it normal for my pan or Instant Pot to have a sticky layer on the bottom after cooking?

Yes! This is the residual flour + sugar that can make the pan sticky, but it washes off. If cooking on the stovetop, use a nonstick pot – not required but helpful. Also, if cooking on the stovetop, lower the heat to medium after it boils.

Can I prepare just half the bag?

Sure! We recommend 4 cups of water instead of 6.

Besides tea, where else can I use the boba?

We recommend drizzling your boba on ice cream, fruit salad, acai bowls, pancakes, waffles, or even in cocktails! Check out our recipe page for more inspiration!

Is Better Boba kosher certified?

Yes! We are also vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

Do you plan to launch packaged beverages with your all-natural boba?

There are other brands attempting to launch packaged boba beverages (some natural, some not) and even natural boba powders. We always believe in communiTEA over competition and applaud other innovators who are seeking sustainable solutions in the boba market. We do not have plans to launch beverages, for two reasons: 

  1. We just haven’t developed the right blend of ingredients for keeping a delicious all-natural boba pearl in a liquid for months at a time. 
  2. Part of our mission at Better Boba is to highlight the versatility of boba, both in sips and snacks. If our boba is in a packaged drink, consumers will no longer be able to enjoy the pearls in a variety of creative ways.

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Our Mission at Better Boba

Join the boba revolution! Better Boba is the first global brand of all-natural boba pearls. No junk. Sustainably produced. We believe that boba can be better for us and the planet. Order your all-natural boba pearls today and start enjoying a healthier and more delicious version of your favorite sips and snacks. Go beyond the tea and scoop on ice cream, fruit salad, yogurt bowls, pancakes, acai bowls, iced coffee, and cocktails.