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All-natural boba, sustainably produced in Portland, Oregon USA!

Portland’s Premier Boba + Ice Cream: Welcome to Cup & Cone

Portlands best boba can be found at cup & cone

Looking for Portland’s best boba? If you’re a boba enthusiast in Portland, Oregon, you’re in for a treat. Cup & Cone invites you to enjoy a boba and ice cream experience like no other in the Pacific Northwest. Portland’s boba…just got better.

The C&C ethos is “Inspired globally, served locally.”  Serve goodness, spread kindness. The Cup & Cone way.

Cup & Cones World Class Menu

delicious boba from cup & cone

Cup & Cone is located in Bethany Village, nine miles west of downtown Portland. The Bethany community was created with a blueprint of generational diversity. The area was planned to accommodate and support multi-generational families. No matter the age, ice cream makes people happy and this was the ideal neighborhood to launch a globally inspired ice cream shop. Which is why, at Cup & Cone, you can find some of the world’s most unique flavors such as Japanese Matcha Pistachio, or the Middle East inspired Glazed Tahani Date.  Plus seasonal flavors are always available and being tested with the goal of introducing you to the world. 

Cup & Cone offers customizable recipes, allowing you to BYOB (Build Your Own Boba). You can choose your tea base from one of the many freshly made teas, and add toppings like fresh fruit or popping boba for an extra burst of flavor. This level of customization ensures that every drink is a personalized delight, tailored to your preferences.

For those looking to feed a few more mouths, Cup & Cone offers catering as well as bespoke ice cream cakes that are perfect for any event.  Their Cake Designer, Dana, is a beloved Bethany business owner who has been making cakes for 11+ years. Her cake creations are truly an edible work of art.

Globally Inspired, Served in Portland

Cup & Cone isn’t just a place to satisfy your cravings; it’s a destination where you can connect with your neighbors and live globally, all without leaving Portland.  

So, if you find yourself in Portland and in need of a delicious treat, make sure you add Cup & Cone to discover the artistry and passion that goes into every item served, and embark on a flavorful journey that will leave you craving more. 

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