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All-natural boba, sustainably produced in Portland, Oregon USA!

A Statement From Better Boba: The Evolution Of Better Boba

better boba statement

A Statement from Better Boba

Better Boba loves boba.  Our mission is to provide the world with an all-natural option that is good for you and the world we live in.  Please see below for our statement on the recent concerns regarding our branding.

We are listening to your comments.

Concerns have been voiced about the branding and mission of Better Boba.

We hear that some have been offended by our branding message, and for that we are truly sorry.

These conversations have created opportunities for even more engagement and understanding, as a first step.

In the context of our name, “better” references our quest for a more natural boba that began as parents and shop owners – to offer simple, healthier ingredients compared to most pearls sourced for food service and retail operations in North America. This started a journey across the globe to understand boba production.

Most packaged pearls in the states do not mirror the natural, artisanal boba available in Taiwan. Our research found that as global demand increases, simple ingredients in the tapioca pearls are being replaced with preservatives and additives, limiting our ability to source quality packaged products at retail shops.

We believed our messaging was consistent in reflecting better ingredients and accessibility, not to insult a culture, origin, or identity. We never intended for the word “Better” to mean our product was better than the original, nor claim or insinuate our interpretation of boba is the best in the market.

We love boba.

We launched this company so more consumers in North America can enjoy all-natural pearls where packaged retail options are limited. Our goal was always centered around sharing the origin story, not suppressing it, and we recognize that we are just one version of a beloved tradition.

Moving forward, we will continue to listen and engage in thoughtful dialogue around our messaging and products. We remain committed to our mission of celebrating boba and its origins and know that these discussions will allow us to better support the communities we represent and champion.

Parth, Allison, and the Better Boba Team