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National Bubble Tea Day: Celebrating with Bubble Tea Recipes & All-Natural Boba

National Bubble Tea Day

What is National Bubble Tea Day?

National Bubble Tea Day celebrates the beloved Taiwanese drink that originated in the 1980s. Bubble Tea is also known as boba, pearl milk tea, or tapioca tea.  It often contains tapioca pearls or boba. This refreshing & delicious drink has become a global sensation in the past few decades due to its unique texture, customizable flavors, and Boba-licious aesthetic. 

When Is National Bubble Tea Day?

April 30th marks National Bubble Tea Day in 2023. This year is the 5-year anniversary of the holiday, as in 2018 it was added to the calendar by Kung Fu Tea of NYC. This day was selected because it was the day they opened their first tea shop in New York City.


  • 2018 – The first year of National Bubble Tea Day
  • 2012 – The year when all 800 McDonald’s locations in Germany sold bubble tea
  • 2 – The number of conflicting origin stories about bubble tea
  • 4 – The number of ingredients used in Better Boba’s Tapioca Pearls

The History Of Boba

The original bubble tea contained hot Taiwanese black tea, tapioca pearls, condensed milk, and syrup. These days, bubble tea is commonly served cold, and with various teas and flavors. The tapioca pearls that make bubble tea so unique were initially made from cassava starch, a tropical shrub known for its starchy roots introduced to Taiwan from South America during Japanese colonial rule. Larger pearls from China known as pinyin quickly replaced these and are now the norm in most bubble tea beverages.

In the 1990s, bubble tea spread throughout Southeast Asia. In places like Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, Vietnam, and Singapore, the bubble tea trend expanded rapidly among young people. It wasn’t uncommon for people to line up for more than thirty minutes to get a cup of the drink. As a result, boba mania has grown well beyond the beverage itself, with boba lovers inventing various bubble tea foods such as bubble tea ice cream, bubble tea pizza, bubble tea toast, bubble tea sushi, bubble tea ramen, etc.



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How to Celebrate National Bubble Tea Day?

Treat yourself or your besTEA to bubble tea!

  • If you are in the Portland area, like us: Stop by Cup & Cone, the home of Better Boba. All of our teas are brewed fresh with no powders or artificial ingredients. We will be offering FREE bags of better boba with the purchase of a fruit or milk tea. Quantities are limited!
  • If you are in Seattle, be sure to check out Seattle’s Second Annual Boba Fest located in the U District which is fast becoming the heart of Seattle’s bubble tea scene. Featured flavors will include: 

Learn a New Bubble Tea Recipe

Want to try the first all-natural boba? Sign up for our newsletter and receive a FREE bag of our classic Brown Sugar Pearls when you buy one.  Buy Boba, Get BOBA. BBGB anyone?  Mix the pearls with your favorite tea or try one of our expertly curated recipes.

Not thirsty? Remember, boba is not just for tea. Here are a few fun ways to incorporate boba into everyday snacks:

  • Boba Milkshakes: Blend vanilla ice cream, milk, and a handful of boba together in a blender until smooth. Pour into a glass and enjoy the chewy, creamy goodness!
  • Boba Popsicles: Add boba to a popsicle mold along with your favorite fruit juice or puree. Freeze and enjoy a refreshing, boba-filled treat on a hot day.
  • Boba Yogurt Bowls: Layer Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, and boba in a bowl for a healthy and delicious breakfast or snack.
  • Boba Tiramisu: Add a layer of boba to your traditional tiramisu recipe for a playful twist on the classic dessert.
  • Boba Bubble Waffles: Mix boba into your favorite waffle batter and pour into a waffle maker for a fun and unique breakfast or brunch option.

So go ahead and get creative with boba in the kitchen! With its playful texture and versatility, the possibilities are endless.

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